Inguinal hernia

The most common hernias, of course, are inguinal. This is due to anatomical features of the groin. Inguinal canal – is one of the weaknesses of the abdominal wall. The share of inguinal hernia according to various sources accounted for approximately 60-70 percent of all hernias. Inguinal hernias are classified into direct and indirect. The transcending place of direct inguinal hernia – is a medial fossa in front of the superficial inguinal ring. The entered finger is straight. Direct inguinal hernias are often bilateral. Indirect inguinal hernia in the inguinal canal goes through the deep inguinal ring. In men, it can pass along the spermatic cord, and descend into the scrotum. In women – in the labia lips. Contents of inguinal hernias are usually small bowel and omentum, but there are cases of cecum, sigmoid colon, urinary bladder out. The recognition of inguinal hernia is usually not difficult (see hernia symptoms for more information).

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